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    Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
    8:43 pm
    Friday, April 17th, 2009
    1:18 pm
    Fuckin priceless!!!
    Four friends, who hadn't seen each other in 30 years, reunited at a party.

    After several drinks, one of the men had to use the rest room.

    Those who remained talked about their kids.

    The first guy said, 'My son is my pride and joy.He started working at a successful company at the bottom of the barrel. He studied Economics and Business Administration and soon began to climb the corporate ladder and now he's the president of the company. He became so rich that he gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes for his birthday.'

    The second guy said, 'Darn, that's terrific! My son is also my pride and joy. He started working for a big airline, and then went to flight school to become a pilot. Eventually he became a partner in the company, where he owns the majority of its assets He's so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday.'

    The third man said: 'Well, that's terrific! My son studied in the best universities and became an engineer. Then he started his own construction company and is now a multimillionaire. He also gave away something very nice and expensive to his best friend for his birthday: A 30,000 square foot mansion.'

    The three friends congratulated each other just as the fourth returned from the restroom and asked: 'What are all the congratulations for?'

    One of the three said: 'We were talking about the pride we feel for the successes of our sons. What about your son?'

    The fourth man replied: 'My son is gay and makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub.'

    The three friends said: 'What a shame... what a disappointment.'

    The fourth man replied: 'No, I'm not ashamed. He's my son and I love him.

    And he hasn't done too badly either. His birthday was two weeks ago, and he received a beautiful 30,000 square foot mansion, a brand new jet and a top of the line Mercedes from his three boyfriends.'

    Current Mood: amused
    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    5:39 am
    Sunday, November 16th, 2008
    2:42 am
    Saturday, October 25th, 2008
    1:20 am
    That Unfinished Oscar Speach of Marlon Brando. FUCKING brilliant.
    This speech was writen by Brando but was to be presented by Sacheen Littlefeather, it was never presented for this reason:

    She represented Brando and his boycotting of the Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather (1972), as a way to protest the ongoing siege at Wounded Knee and Hollywood and television's misrepresentation of American Indians. Brando had written a fifteen-page speech to be given at the awards by Cruz, but when the producer met her backstage, he threatened to physically remove her or have her arrested if she spoke on stage for more than 45 seconds. Her comments on stage were improvised. She then went backstage and read the entire speech to the press.

    That is so typically classic its sick. And shit goes on like this every day, more then three times a day, too often among the most powerful people on this planet. They shit and enjoy it, not caring where it lands. We pay the price as we die for their greed and stupidity.

    March 30, 1973


    That Unfinished Oscar Speech


    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- For 200 years we have said to the Indian people who are fighting for their land, their life, their families and their right to be free: ''Lay down your arms, my friends, and then we will remain together. Only if you lay down your arms, my friends, can we then talk of peace and come to an agreement which will be good for you.''

    When they laid down their arms, we murdered them. We lied to them. We cheated them out of their lands. We starved them into signing fraudulent agreements that we called treaties which we never kept. We turned them into beggars on a continent that gave life for as long as life can remember. And by any interpretation of history, however twisted, we did not do right. We were not lawful nor were we just in what we did. For them, we do not have to restore these people, we do not have to live up to some agreements, because it is given to us by virtue of our power to attack the rights of others, to take their property, to take their lives when they are trying to defend their land and liberty, and to make their virtues a crime and our own vices virtues.

    But there is one thing which is beyond the reach of this perversity and that is the tremendous verdict of history. And history will surely judge us. But do we care? What kind of moral schizophrenia is it that allows us to shout at the top of our national voice for all the world to hear that we live up to our commitment when every page of history and when all the thirsty, starving, humiliating days and nights of the last 100 years in the lives of the American Indian contradict that voice?

    It would seem that the respect for principle and the love of one's neighbor have become dysfunctional in this country of ours, and that all we have done, all that we have succeeded in accomplishing with our power is simply annihilating the hopes of the newborn countries in this world, as well as friends and enemies alike, that we're not humane, and that we do not live up to our agreements.

    Perhaps at this moment you are saying to yourself what the hell has all this got to do with the Academy Awards? Why is this woman standing up here, ruining our evening, invading our lives with things that don't concern us, and that we don't care about? Wasting our time and money and intruding in our homes.

    I think the answer to those unspoken questions is that the motion picture community has been as responsible as any for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing his as savage, hostile and evil. It's hard enough for children to grow up in this world. When Indian children watch television, and they watch films, and when they see their race depicted as they are in films, their minds become injured in ways we can never know.

    Recently there have been a few faltering steps to correct this situation, but too faltering and too few, so I, as a member in this profession, do not feel that I can as a citizen of the United States accept an award here tonight. I think awards in this country at this time are inappropriate to be received or given until the condition of the American Indian is drastically altered. If we are not our brother's keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.

    I would have been here tonight to speak to you directly, but I felt that perhaps I could be of better use if I went to Wounded Knee to help forestall in whatever way I can the establishment of a peace which would be dishonorable as long as the rivers shall run and the grass shall grow.

    I would hope that those who are listening would not look upon this as a rude intrusion, but as an earnest effort to focus attention on an issue that might very well determine whether or not this country has the right to say from this point forward we believe in the inalienable rights of all people to remain free and independent on lands that have supported their life beyond living memory.

    Thank you for your kindness and your courtesy to Miss Littlefeather. Thank you and good night.

    This statement was written by Marlon Brando for delivery at the Academy Awards ceremony where Mr. Brando refused an Oscar. The speaker, who read only a part of it, was Shasheen Littlefeather.
    Saturday, October 18th, 2008
    2:25 am
    The Death Eater Masks.
    Sweet holy Jesus are these the fucking sexiest things EVER!!!!!

    Then again, I just have a kinky thing for metal/masks. Together?



    Current Mood: enthralled
    Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
    1:09 pm
    My US friends & fellow authors!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please guys be safe, along with your families and friends!!!!!!!!!!

    *biiiiiiiiiiiiig arsed group hug*

    BE FUCKING SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Rhiannon Uerch Llewelyn

    Current Mood: worried
    12:04 am
    My voting in the upcoming Canadian federal election.
    I stand behind a party and a people that uphold democracy in the truth of the word, I do not stand behind anyone who makes the word an empty joke.

    Stephen Harper is a joke on two legs, he has NO business AT ALL even THINKING of leading this country so far as to the toilet to take a shit. He should be taken to the toilet & flushed with the rest of the shit.

    The liberals are not much better, slinging mud when they should be cleaning up their act & the NDP has quite the disastrous history.

    The greens are interesting & would make a positive change to this messy dung pile, but they are small in connections. Voting for them, unless it was a large number of people, wouldn't go too far.

    So one finds ones self at a cross roads. I don't particularly wish to vote Liberal as I believe thay need to get out of their soggy diapers, however they are the only party with enough clout to keep Harper somehwat chained to his seat & with a bite mask affixed to his blunt rabbid snout.

    So there you have my thoughts on this dreary situation.

    Have fun with that.


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    Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
    2:26 am
    My letter to the ENTIRE US institution of the FDA.
    I wish to address the irony of the existence and effectiveness of the FDA.

    Radiation of food does not simply kill the oddball pest but it kills all it touches. To eat such is to eat an empty thing, it is without life. We eat of it and we get nothing but rubbish. And so our health deteriorates, wantonly feeding the endless stream of synthetic chemical help that helps not at all. This you know, there is no possible excuse to let this continue.

    Dousing anything in pesticides adds up the chemicals in our systems, breaking us down from the inside. Then we are surprised by the state of the health of our children? When they are born with compromised immune systems, cancers and strange diseases WHY are we surprised when we make them ourselves? You can’t cure what you ravenously create! When you kill the food you eat what are your children getting? Is it fun to destroy the very fabric of your existence? Do you take joy in allowing the killing of others?

    Foods genetically modified to die after a given yield are a vileness in the extreme. Who has the right to own life? Whose monumental arrogance gives them the right to force others to buy crops knowingly sold to kill their yield? What stupid stick insect came up with suiciding crops?! Is money lining your tongue and mouth worth the lives of millions? Can you justify mass deaths you can prevent? If you can justify death what have you become? How can you look your family in the face if you are responsible for their death? How can you look yourself in the eye if your work is a lie?

    Of what value is your entire organization if it has been bought and sold to further cyclic ruination?


    Current Mood: busy
    Monday, September 29th, 2008
    5:01 pm
    Stephen Harpers systematic destruction of Canada and the Arts.

    From Thursday's Globe and Mail
    September 24, 2008 at 11:00 PM EDT

    What sort of country do we want to live in? What sort of country do we already live in? What do we like? Who are we?

    At present, we are a very creative country. For decades, we've been punching above our weight on the world stage - in writing, in popular music and in many other fields. Canada was once a cultural void on the world map, now it's a force. In addition, the arts are a large segment of our economy: The Conference Board estimates Canada's cultural sector generated $46-billion, or 3.8 per cent of Canada's GDP, in 2007. And, according to the Canada Council, in 2003-2004, the sector accounted for an "estimated 600,000 jobs (roughly the same as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, oil & gas and utilities combined)."

    But we've just been sent a signal by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he gives not a toss for these facts. Tuesday, he told us that some group called "ordinary people" didn't care about something called "the arts." His idea of "the arts" is a bunch of rich people gathering at galas whining about their grants. Well, I can count the number of moderately rich writers who live in Canada on the fingers of one hand: I'm one of them, and I'm no Warren Buffett. I don't whine about my grants because I don't get any grants. I whine about other grants - grants for young people that may help them to turn into me, and thus pay to the federal and provincial governments the kinds of taxes I pay, and cover off the salaries of such as Mr. Harper. In fact, less than 10 per cent of writers actually make a living by their writing, however modest that living may be. They have other jobs. But people write, and want to write, and pack into creative writing classes, because they love this activity –not because they think they'll be millionaires.

    Every single one of those people is an "ordinary person." Mr. Harper's idea of an ordinary person is that of an envious hater without a scrap of artistic talent or creativity or curiosity, and no appreciation for anything that's attractive or beautiful. My idea of an ordinary person is quite different. Human beings are creative by nature. For millenniums we have been putting our creativity into our cultures - cultures with unique languages, architecture, religious ceremonies, dances, music, furnishings, textiles, clothing and special cuisines. "Ordinary people" pack into the cheap seats at concerts and fill theatres where operas are brought to them live. The total attendance for "the arts" in Canada in fact exceeds that for sports events. "The arts" are not a "niche interest." They are part of being human.

    Moreover, "ordinary people" are participants. They form book clubs and join classes of all kinds - painting, dancing, drawing, pottery, photography - for the sheer joy of it. They sing in choirs, church and other, and play in marching bands. Kids start garage bands and make their own videos and web art, and put their music on the Net, and draw their own graphic novels. "Ordinary people" have other outlets for their creativity, as well: Knitting and quilting have made comebacks; gardening is taken very seriously; the home woodworking shop is active. Add origami, costume design, egg decorating, flower arranging, and on and on ... Canadians, it seems, like making things, and they like appreciating things that are made.

    They show their appreciation by contributing. Canadians of all ages volunteer in vast numbers for local and city museums, for their art galleries and for countless cultural festivals - I think immediately of the Chinese New Year and the Caribana festival in Toronto, but there are so many others. Literary festivals have sprung up all over the country - volunteers set them up and provide the food, and "ordinary people" will drag their lawn chairs into a field - as in Nova Scotia's Read by the Sea - in order to listen to writers both local and national read and discuss their work. Mr. Harper has signalled that as far as he is concerned, those millions of hours of volunteer activity are a waste of time. He holds them in contempt.

    I suggest that considering the huge amount of energy we spend on creative activity, to be creative is "ordinary." It is an age-long and normal human characteristic: All children are born creative. It's the lack of any appreciation of these activities that is not ordinary. Mr. Harper has demonstrated that he has no knowledge of, or respect for, the capacities and interests of "ordinary people." He's the "niche interest." Not us.

    It's been suggested that Mr. Harper's disdain for the arts is not merely a result of ignorance or a tin ear - that it is "ideologically motivated." Now, I wonder what could be meant by that? Mr. Harper has said quite rightly that people understand we ought to keep within a budget. But his own contribution to that budget has been to heave the Liberal-generated surplus overboard so we have nothing left for a rainy day, and now, in addition, he wants to jeopardize those 600,000 arts jobs and those billions of dollars they generate for Canadians. What's the idea here? That arts jobs should not exist because artists are naughty and might not vote for Mr. Harper? That Canadians ought not to make money from the wicked arts, but only from virtuous oil? That artists don't all live in one constituency, so who cares? Or is it that the majority of those arts jobs are located in Ontario and Quebec, and Mr. Harper is peeved at those provinces, and wants to increase his ongoing gutting of Ontario- $20-billion a year of Ontario taxpayers' money going out, a dribble grudgingly allowed back in - and spank Quebec for being so disobedient as not to appreciate his magnificence? He likes punishing, so maybe the arts-squashing is part of that: Whack the Heartland.

    Or is it even worse? Every budding dictatorship begins by muzzling the artists, because they're a mouthy lot and they don't line up and salute very easily. Of course, you can always get some tame artists to design the uniforms and flags and the documentary about you, and so forth - the only kind of art you might need - but individual voices must be silenced, because there shall be only One Voice: Our Master's Voice. Maybe that's why Mr. Harper began by shutting down funding for our artists abroad. He didn't like the competition for media space.

    The Conservative caucus has already learned that lesson. Rumour has it that Mr. Harper's idea of what sort of art you should hang on your wall was signalled by his removal of all pictures of previous Conservative prime ministers from their lobby room - including John A. and Dief the Chief - and their replacement by pictures of none other than Mr. Harper himself. History, it seems, is to begin with him. In communist countries, this used to be called the Cult of Personality. Mr. Harper is a guy who - rumour has it, again - tried to disband the student union in high school and then tried the same thing in college. Destiny is calling him, the way it called Qin Shi Huang, the Chinese emperor who burnt all records of the rulers before himself. It's an impulse that's been repeated many times since, the list is very long. Tear it down and level it flat, is the common motto. Then build a big statue of yourself. Now that would be Art! Adapted from the 2008 Hurtig Lecture, to be delivered in Edmonton on Oct. 1

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    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
    11:47 pm
    In decline of PETA membership.
    I can't honestly become a member of PETA when I don't see enough being done to utterly stop companies like Monsanto and KFC along with the multitude of oil, gas and mining companies shredding the earth we attempt to live on. Your efforts aren't enough, what your group does is fringe benefits, tackling projects that are pittance to mild in overall problems. You get placated and back off without shutting the companies down like they should be. When it comes to mass deaths from radioactive waste connected with mining or industrial sludge, that company should be eliminated utterly, or else they simply change tactics and kill again. They don't care if its animal or human, if you're in the way you die. Period.

    For example the massive fishing industries are raping the oceans of so much life, the sharks are on the endangered lists even though no one thinks of them as essential to balanced life on earth. Regardless, their mercury levels are so incredibly high its unbelievable. Reefs are dying as the water becomes too polluted for them to survive and countries allow massive overfishing even when they "technically" ban it when they get paid to look the other way.

    We eat fish, pork and beef and breathe the air & drink the water then wonder why on earth the cancer levels are soaring through the roofs? You can't cure what you make, rampant corrosive industry eats everything up. Cancer is after all a HUGE industry, no WAY the companies want to stop it when it generates billions of dollars in profits from the meds produced each year. The ultimate cash cow, it keeps on giving as living tissue inevitably succumbs to pathological input.

    And the dozens of aerosol home sprays and disinfectants & pesticides that are inhaled by millions of people every day. The chemicals in those promote asthma & all sorts of allergies and trigger the onset of dangerous illnesses every day.

    And the stranglehold Monsanto (and others) have on GMO seeds, foods, everything is a massive disaster of epic proportions that people are terrified of going up against. They are a powerful company that has massive resources to eliminate all obstruction for what they desire to take place. Holding entire communities hostage as they control the very essence of life, dictating the sale of what they create, knowing its reliance is ruination for any who partake of it. They don't care at all as long as they hold control.

    The roots of these problems need to be stopped, you have clout the average person does not and a voice that is globally heard. More needs to be done. MUCH more then you're doing. It needs to go far beyond soft irritation into serious action. Nothing is really being done as millions die.

    That's why I can't join this group, I can only give my opinion & see what is done with it. I can't join a group that isn't shining the public light it has on the serious dangers overtaking our world today. You're only known for nude campaigns against furs and chicken, not serious legal battles to end industrial poison of our communities. When our relatives and friends die we see nothing done to end the agony, we see nothing done to stop the poison. We just see lives stop. Governments talk and promise much but they do nothing as billions flow into their waiting pockets. They know what they're doing and they don't care.

    That's not enough, yet its more then enough.

    It's too much.

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    Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
    11:12 pm
    The Aztec shoot.
    A fetish shoot I'd designed a while back that depicted the Aztec calender (yeah THAT calender, 2012) on my naked back.

    The shoot took forever to plan/orchestrate & went through a lot of revisions. The one originally contracted/paid to do it did the WORST job EVER!!!! Martin Armand by name & don't deal with him if you can avoid it. Asks for a lot of money for a job he didn't do worth shit. A five year old strung from the ceiling upside down does a better job. It was on my back so I couldn't tell the extent of the shit until it was too late. He was comissioned to paint the calender on my back, he half arsed drew it, taking no time at all and rushing to get to his next appointment. His portfoio is amazing work in his own style but he can't work beyond his own work.

    He charged $250 & it sure as HELL wasn't worth it. (I'm still pissed about it.)

    My friend who is the photog of most of my pics is also my make up artist, pic director, photo editor, layout designer & bloody well anything else she can come up with.

    She re-did the ENTIRE design by hand in full detail after we completely re-vamped the detail level & design inclusion. She did 3 versions, one which got lost & then re-designed again.

    Then she got the flu.

    THEN we scheduled it for today & it was done!!!! After 5 hours of painful work.

    Nothing like walking around stark naked then freezing in pose for a lengthy amount of time.

    I gotta dmit though it looks FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!! Seriously, fucking amazing. I am SO goddamn happy it's done!!

    The next shoot is a totally different look with Owl feathers that a friend brought back from Switzerland that he'd had for 15 years. (From a bird he found dead in the forest.) GORGEOUS feathers!!!


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    10:21 pm
    Star Wars disaster....
    The "new" Star Wars movie?!!! Yuck. Thats all I'm gonna say.

    HOWEVER I am ALSO going to say that I seriously think George Lucas should be literally banned from mutilating (his) work anymore then he's already done. Because as it is, it is sinking faster then US foreign policy.

    And that is saying something.

    *full body flinch*


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    Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
    2:36 am
    "Spirit Warrior"
    An AWESOME little movie that I found/got into by accident as I was ordering movies from The story is simple & really well done, the cinematography is amazing & the First Nations actor Allan Musy is so GODDAMN HOT it should be illegal.

    And his voice ranks up there with Allan Rickman & Jason Isaacs.

    The shit being, he made this movie & can't be found ANYWHERE on the net!!! How wrong is that??!! The dude is an AWESOME actor!! I have no clue what happened to him after it was released.

    Here are some pics:

    Enjoy. (Shouldn't be a problem, though seeing the movie is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better.)

    He's the gorgeous long dark haired brooder in the top left hand corner of this pic.

    The shot that's near the end of the movie, hes in a fight & not having an easy time of it.

    Not the most stunning shot but it'll do.

    The irony here being he is rather short but in NO WAY does he seem short. His vibe dominates the screen so completely.

    Gorgeous subtle shot. Rather ironic on a number of levels.

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    2:24 am
    I am now totally understanding the venerable Canadian Ballet dancer Karen Kain's comment that "the older you get the more you need to take (ballet) classes if you want to keep yourself from injury and keep yourself moving smoothly. If you miss out (on a day) you will feel it at your next class, taking longer to get back into dancing form."

    God that is so true. I TOTALLY understand her.

    Hence the scramble for more classes.

    Though its annoying finding a good place as I'm no longer a sprightly teenager. Oh no people, I'm a solo artist that doesn't give a shit about getting a certificate or following the cute dress code that would GLARINGLY show the tattoos I've got running down the outside of my thighs. I don't need a kid looking & going "Oh cool, I wanna do that!! {gets tattoos & gets in REAL shit from teacher!} I could just see it. Sorry, I'm not there for the fun of it but to literally work my fucking ass off. (or on, depending how you look at it.)

    Do I regret the tattoos because of that? Oh HELL NO!!!!!!!! Though they are something someone should get only if you are DAMN sure you won't regret them for whatever reason. SO getting them for coolness or to piss off the parents is NOT a good idea. You WILL deeply regret it if you do that.

    VERY bad idea.

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    Friday, August 1st, 2008
    2:17 am
    JUST saw the teaser trailer for HP & the Half Blood Prince & FUCKIN' AWESOME, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dan looks gorgeous as always & bloody hell its awesome!!

    I kind of run out of words after awesome, really.

    *helpless shrug*

    No Draco in that one, it was only about Tom Riddle but STILL FREAKIN' COOL!!!!!!!

    *is squealing like an unabashed fangirl/banshee*



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    Friday, July 18th, 2008
    1:19 am
    Well, when opportunity knocks!!
    I've recorded the Simon Fraser University radio reading & it should be broadcast in roughly 2 weeks. I shall post the info days beforehand to alert everyone who wishes to listen. I tried linking to the University of BC but it didn't work!! So I clicked down the list & tried for McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. That link worked. I've sent an inquiry & we shall see the response.

    That is a huge university!! I think what would happen is my work would be read in English & then into French, kinda like what happened when it was translated roughly into Spanish for Vancouver Co-Op radio.

    It is ALL doable. All of it.

    Awesome stuff.


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    Friday, July 11th, 2008
    11:04 pm
    The First Nations Owl bracelet.
    WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Went to the powwow on the Squamish Nation reserve below where I live and scouted around seeing what was all there & found a pavillian selling some Native silver jewelry. I scan the entire lot of jewelry that's there & a bracelet catches my eye in the corner of the case, I ask to see it/try it on & lo & behold its an OWL!!! This is the rarest creature to see in Native jewelry as the symbolism is very tricky indeed. The owl is believed to shadow death and the passage to the other world, this is actually why I'm after the design.

    (Odd I know but I have my reasons. Partly being the graphic novel I'm working on & the material/stories its covering.)

    The bracelet proved to be WAY too big for my bloody small wrist but the design is very, very good. I ask who did it & its the guy sitting casually next to the woman helping me!!! HE'S Derek Wilson!!! FUUUUCK!!!! I ask is it possible to comission a piece & yes it is, it would take him a week to do it. The cost, around $450.


    Thats pretty much the standard for silver native bracelets of that width. In fact, in retail it would be more. (I know my boss would ask for more, so would the silver store a few doors down.) They have store overhead & sales clerk paychecks to deal with. Eats up a LOT.


    I can't pay that right now!! I gotta pay for my fetish shoots!!!! Damn, I feel like badly spread butter on good toast. There just ain't enough to go around.

    But I will comission it soon... In fact what I REALLY want to do & it didn't occur to me at the time, is discuss a more panoramic design with Derek. See how the moon would fit in... maybe something more. Human hands are always cool. Make the piece more a story, less simple.

    (Oh sure, up the price too...)


    I love detail too much.

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    Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
    12:47 am
    Went to the first dance class & MAN am I behind in stretches/poise/balance/turnout/timing... But at least I don't run like an elephant!! Or land like one either.

    I have a LOT of work to do. Every day. And I gotta do a LOT more classes. Gonna take the tuesday evening & friday morning classes in the fall.

    Good stuff.


    Current Mood: sore
    Saturday, July 5th, 2008
    2:30 am
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